Can of pop versus jogging

As a person that doesn’t really find that much joy in running, I found this article to be rather interesting. I stumbled across a post by MSNBC the other day that summarized a study done on teenagers. They had displays by sugary drinks, such as soda that displayed calorie counts, and even how long it would take to burn off that drink by doing physical activity. The study shows that when you compare a food calorie count to something we are familiar with i.e. running for 30 minutes, they were less opt to purchase the drink.

Why is this? Most likely it is because most individuals don’t really grasp the impact of the calories or other numbers listed on the nutrition label. However, when you compare it to something that you can visualize in your head, it gives you more of an impact.

To read the article presented by MSNBC, please visit their article, “Will ’50 minute jog’ label curb your 250-calorie soda habit?“.




Thanksgiving…right around the corner!

I don’t know how many others are scared of Thanksgiving, but I have to admit…I kind of am! Why? Well, eating junky food has some mad affects on me. I’m sure you’ve experienced the Thanksgiving overload yourself at least once in your life. So all weekend, I’ve been researching what I can do to avoid the overload. I’m really trying to find my survival guide for the big weekend. So far, I’ve decided that working out before and after will be included in my Thanksgiving day options. I’m also going for recipes that are friendly for me. I’ll post back what I’m thinking but I’m still researching.