Lost tradition: Eating as a family

Tonight I participated in a Twitter Chat with MomItForward. It made me thing. Eating together is such a lost tradition in today’s society.

This is also something I’ve very passionate about. My memories are often built around the dinner table. This was our chance to “spill our beans” with our families. No one was going to judge us. Today above my dinner table you will find a quote on the wall: “The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.” It really doesn’t matter if it’s 7:30 at night, we still try to eat as a family. Of course, it doesn’t always happen but we usually average 5 dinners around the table together on a normalish week.

With this sparked interest, I did a little research. I know that it makes a healthier family, kids, etc. but do you? Although it’s an older article, Time Magazine has an excellent article about the benefits of eating as a family. It talks about mental and physical health. It’s a great read for any parent! There was information in here that I hadn’t thought of myself.

For the complete story, check out, “The Magic of the Family Meal”.




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