What is that contraption anyway?

Have you ever wondered what those contraptions are that they used for Pilates? Have you ever wondered what the point of Pilates really is? You and me both!

I have said for a very long time that I wanted to try Pilates. When I would walk or try to run around the track at my local gym, I’d go right past the Pilates studios. So I decided December was my time.

December rolled around and it happened that there was an incentive program for Pilates. I decided I was in. I took some orientation classes and I realized this was more than just pulling on a few straps.

Pilates is a total body workout. You will work beyond your belief. It will teach you a new way to breathe and even sit. You could possibly have a new body awareness.

Overall, my Pilates instructors have educated me about my body and about fitness. All while having a personalized workout with supervision to ensure I am doing everything correctly. It really is a win, win!

Oh yes, and that little contraption? It’s called a reformer.

Find a Pilates studio near you, it could be a great addition to your workout regime!



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