Extreme Couponing!

Have you ever watched the TLC show “Extreme Couponing“? I have watched it a few times and have found it very intriguing. In fact as the family is watching a movie, I’m surrounded by ads to save a few pennies.

No, I’m not one of “those” people. One item I’ve often noticed on the show is obscene amounts of candy, sugary snacks, soda, salt filled prepackaged items and just plain junk food. It’s really unfortunate that those are the items you can stock up on.

I typically throw out several coupons because they are items that I don’t feed my family, i.e. instant potatoes, canned food, etc. Of course, there are “good” coupons out there and the few I can find, make it worth the search.

Since it’s the start of a new year, take the time to look through some coupons. You may be surprised at what you can find.

Don’t get discouraged when you don’t have a storage room dedicated to food. After all what is in that food that has a shelf life of 3 years? I also wouldn’t expect to go in buy $100 dollars worth of goods and pay only $3 after coupons.

But do take pride in saving your family a few dollars every week. It’s about the small accomplishments, right? :). Save 5 dollars a week using coupons, and when you look back at your year, next New Year’s Eve, you’ll have saved yourself $260 dollars just with a few coupons!

Happy Couponing!



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